Herculaneum High School & Press Box

Owner: Dunklin R-V School District
497 Joachim Avenue
Herculaneum, MO 63043

Square Footage: 32,000 SF
Demolition (3 Story): 55,285 SF
Completion Date: September 2011
14 Month Schedule
Construction Cost:   $7,700,000

History is important. For the Dunklin R-V School District and Dr. Stan Stratton, the need for a new two story, 32,000 SF addition at the high school was overdue. To make the appropriate room and building tie-ins, a three story – 55,285 SF section of the high school needed to be demolished. The project included the addition of classrooms, administrative offices, a new cafeteria and kitchen, and a library. History from the old section demolished was saved by reclaiming wood from a storage room and gymnasium floor from 1924 and 1972 respectively and repurposed as a wall feature in the new cafeteria. A new press box and concession / restroom facility was added to the scope of the project.

Stone bleachers built from 1935 – 1936 at the high school were part of a Works Progress Administration project to help lift the country out of the Great Depression. The bleachers have been part of the community ever since. Dr. Stan Stratton indicated the bleachers were an important part of the school’s history and rooted in tradition but was concerned that they were becoming a safety issue. Wright was proud to be able to include historic restoration of the bleachers into this contract.

Wright was selected as the second lowest bidder and justified its selection by carefully maximizing the owner’s budget to include vital restoration work in the contract.