Build My Future® STL

Wright Construction attended the Build My Future® STL event at the St. Charles Family Arena on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. This experiential event is aimed at educating and attracting high school students to careers in various trades! Our exhibit focused on the intricacies of civil and site layout while touching on utilities, paving, and landscaping to provide an overview of what to expect when scheduling and sequencing site work activities.

Katt Mossinghoff’s Experience (CAPS Student Intern at Wright Construction Services, Inc.)

Attending the “Build My Future” event with my internship at Wright Construction Services was amazing. I was able to interact with so many high school students all around the same age as me and explain the importance of the construction industry to our generation and our futures. As an intern, I got to explain the steps of how a project starts and show students the end result. This was very interactive, and it was fun to help show them how to break down floor plans and find all necessary information needed within the project to be completed. I have to say being the same age as many of the students and showing students they can do what I am currently doing at my internship was an exciting responsibility. This process was super beneficial and helped encourage them to get involved. I believe this event has helped spark many students who want to get involved in this industry, and I am so glad to have been a small part of it!


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