DGX Omaha, Nebraska

Owner: DGX Omaha, NE
210 South 16th St.
Omaha, NE 68102

Square Footage: 5,800 SF
Completion Date: 8 Week Schedule
Finished in 3 Weeks
Construction Cost: $329,000

Wright Construction was contracted to transform several tenant spaces into a new DGX prototype for Dollar General. The work required for this space included a total rehab to the first floor of an existing high-rise building.  Work included re-leveling the entire sales floor space, retrofit to the existing MEP’s, new finishes, and new storefronts, all while not disrupting the existing tenants.

This project was originally scheduled to be completed in 8 weeks, however the owner wanted it completed in 3 weeks. The work was completed in 3 weeks, working double shifts, 7 days a week and holidays.