Benton County Sheriff’s Office & Jail

Owner: City of Benton County
1620 East Main Street
Warsaw, MO 65355

Square Footage: 23,400 SF
Completion Date: September 2020
Construction Cost: $4,920,000

Benton County Sheriff’s Office & Jail is a 24,300 SF facility located in Warsaw, Missouri, and consists of an 80-bed jail and offers expansion capabilities on a greenfield site. Increased storage areas and evidence rooms as well as courtrooms on site were constructed and designed to eliminate transportation costs associated with re-housing inmates, as well as to and from court appearances.

In addition, in-house kitchen facilities included in the design plan reduce the city’s daily meals costs. Separate, adequate, and proper plumbing with stainless steel fixtures were constructed in each cell will and preclude damage and repair costs for intentional or unintentional mishaps. The judicial center where inmates are housed, receive visitors, meet with attorneys, exercise, and appear in court – in one self-contained environment, would solve the security concerns.