Webster County Justice Center Project Award

Phase One includes a much-needed new Jail, along with a Sheriff’s Office and one Courtroom for criminal proceedings. Eventually, Phase Two envisions more Courtrooms – along with court staff and Prosecutor offices, and other law enforcement related facilities to support them.  For the time being, however, the majority of judicial activity will continue to take place in the current Courthouse.

The administrative portion of Phase One wraps around the west side of the new Jail. It resembles the former Robertson Hardware building in style and dimension – but gains valuable square footage by adding 40 feet in width.

The Jail itself is a formidable two story 120’ x 120’ concrete box. The facility is capable of holding 110 beds; 96 in the main (higher security) set of ‘pods’, with an additional 14 lighter security beds in the basement beneath the administrative wing

Jamie Stunkel